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10 Simple DIY Valentine's Day Decor Projects

Posted by Kayleigh

10 Simple DIY Valentine's Day Decor Projects

We hope you've marked your calendars, because next week is Valentine's day! Whether you celebrate with family, friends, or loved ones, Valentine's day reminds us to love others as well as ourselves. To help you prepare, we've found some simple DIY Valentine's day decor projects that you can do this weekend.

1. Valentine's Day Arrow Art 

DIY Valentine's Day Arrow Art by Cutesy Crafts

This DIY project requires you to stain wooden planks and glue them together. An easy alternative to this would be to go to Hobby Lobby or Michael's and buy a blank wooden sign from their wood craft aisle. 

2. Beautiful Floral Hearts

DIY Floral Hearts from Design Improvised

This craft uses $1 flower bunches from the Dollar Store and requires very few materials, making this a cheap and easy DIY project.

3. Valentine's Themed Wreath

Burlap Wreath by Pebblesandpiggytails

This DIY project also uses a Grapevine form but in a different way. Try it out by following the link above!

4. Creative Cupid Arrows

Cupid Arrows and Quiver by Serendipity Refined

If you have kids, we recommend using paper craft rather than wooden dowels for the arrows. Be mindful of the sharp edges!

5. Festive Valentine's Day Garland

DIY Valentine's Day Garland by Vicky Barone

This is another simple and affordable way to decorate your home for the holiday. This garland works perfectly as a home-made photo booth background as well!

6. This Adorable Trail Sign

Valentine's Trail Sign by Stow and Tell U

This DIY project uses food coloring to dye the wood, a perfect every day solution for anyone who doesn't own the necessary wood dye.

7. Pink and White Tissue Garland

5 Minute DIY Tissue Garland by The Better Half

We here at Jennifer Taylor Home use tissue garlands for all of our office celebrations! They are simple, beautiful, and bring all of the decorations together.

8. Valentine's Day Glitter Sign

Valentine's Day Glitter Sign by Lolly Jane

This DIY project is simple and elegant! Combine with some of your favorite Valentine's decor and place on your wall or mantle.

9. Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Yarn Wrapped Hearts by Fynes Designs

Here is one of the more popular DIY projects for Valentine's Day this year. These little yarn hearts can be used for almost any kind of Valentine's decor and placed anywhere in the home. You can even give these hearts as gifts!

10. Heart Branch Wall Art

Heart Branch Wall Art by Shades of Blue Interiors

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this creative way to decorate your home for Valentine's day. Gather some old tree branches and some pink and white paint and you've got yourself a beautiful Ombre branch heart wall design for Valentine's Day!