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15+ Last Minute Easter Crafts

Posted by Kayleigh

15+ Last Minute Easter Crafts

Easter in my family has always been about crafting, candy, and lots of fun. We'd wake up in the morning, rush to the kitchen and see our giant Easter baskets just sitting on the table, filled with toys and candy, but that wasn't the best part! The best part was always the crafts I would make with my siblings and mom. Every year my mom would have a new Easter craft for us to do. This year, I'd like to share that tradition with you by showing you some fun craft ideas that you can do with your kids this Easter!

1. Wash Cloth Bunny

Washcloth Bunny by Smart School House 

2. Peek-a-boo Clothespin Egg

Clothespin Egg by One Little Project

3. Pom Pom Easter Chicks

Pom Pom Easter Chicks by Crafts Unleashed

4. Rice Krispie Nests

Rice Krispie Nests by Crafty Morning

5. Pom Pom Bunny Garland

Easter Garland by DIYCandy

6. Rice Krispie Surprise Treats

Easter Egg Rice Krispies by Make Life Special

7. Marshmallow Easter Bunny

Marshmallow Easter Bunny by No Time For Flash Cards

8. Easter Bunny Wreath 

Easter Bunny Wreath by Two Sisters Crafting

9. Easter Bunny Surprise Ball

Easter Bunny Surprise Ball by Craftaholics Anonymous

10. Bunny Treat Cups

Easy Bunny Treat Cups by Shaken Together Life

11. Easter Egg Hot Air Balloons

Easter Balloon by Snowdrop and Company

12. Easter Bunny Planters

Easter Bunny Planters by We Know Stuff

13. Shaving Cream Painted Eggs

Shaving Cream Painted Eggs by A Night Owl

14. Plastic Easter Egg Flower Bouquets

Easter Egg Flower Bouquet by Make and Takes 

15.  Easter Egg Mason Jars

Easter Egg Mason Jars by Mason Jars Crafts Love

AND Since Easter Lands on April Fools Day This Year.... 

16. April Fools Eggs

April Fools Eggs by Hip2Save

While this last one may seem a little too cruel (especially if you have little ones who still believe in the Easter bunny) you can try and turn it into a game! If you and your child have ever seen the Rise of the Guardians movie, you can say that Pitch Black (the villain in the film) hid some bad eggs in with the good ones and they need to find the bad ones to help save Easter!