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Creative DIY Bike Accessories

Posted by Kayleigh

Creative DIY Bike Accessories

Bikes are amazing. We use them in large cities to avoid the traffic, we take them for a ride along the beach, we use them to get to and from school. To some of us, our bike is something we use every day. That's why it's important that our bikes have all of the features we need them to. We also want our bikes to not only take us the places we need to go, but represent our personality. That's why we've found these amazingly creative ways to customize your bike all on your own! From extra storage bags to creative decor, we have found the most creative ways to make your bike stand out from the rest! 

1. These Adorable Pannier Bags

DIY Pannier Bags for Your Bike by Lovely Indeed

The great thing about this DIY is that you can really customize it with any bag you'd like to use (as long as it is made of a sturdy material). It's also simple and only takes an hour to do. 

2. An Easy Way To Paint Your Bike

DIY Bike Paint by Pages of Life

The best part about this DIY is that the crafter went ahead and did all of the hard work of finding the perfect paint colors for your own DIY bike project! Her entire list consists of 9 perfect colors for any bike!

3. This DIY Floral Bike

DIY Floral Beach Cruiser by Style Me Pretty

This bike DIY is perfect for anyone planning a wedding photo shoot! Or, you can use this as a permanent bike style and ride around like a beautiful moving garden, and best of all? These flowers won't wilt! (because they're fake)

4. Hand-painted Bike Bell

Fuuvi Inspired Bike Bell by IdleWife

This DIY is a great way to upgrade that traditional bike bell into something contemporary, fun, and colorful. You can paint it any way you'd like! Turn it into a pokeball for your kid or a fashion statement for yourself!

5. A Basket Made From Paint Stir Sticks

Paint Stirrer Bike Basket by Always Rooney

Next time you go to Lowe's or Home Depot, just pick up a handful of stirring sticks and you've got yourself the perfect bike basket! You can fit your purse, your backpack, or even your small pet in it!

6. An Intricate Skirt Guard

DIY Bike Skirt Guard by Lorna Watt

This DIY is one of the more difficult ones because it requires you to know how to knit or crochet. However, if you already know how to, the pattern is only $5! This site also provides helpful tips if you have any concerns about the project.

7. A Craftsman's Dream 

Bike Wine Rack

Unfortunately we could not locate the original tutorial for this project. However, the Pinner does say this: "DIY wine for two cycling kit. Made from scraps (so zero $$) by my adorable handyman boyfriend. The mason jars screw into the lid so they're secure and the wine bottle is held in place by an extra water bottle holder from another bike he had lying around. And still some extra room for cheese and a baguette :-) It's secured with a cover that doubles as a table."

8. These Adorable Bike Streamers

DIY Bike Streamers by Northstory

This is the perfect bike DIY project if you have kids. Have them pick out their favorite color ribbon and make these simple streamers to spruce up their bike experience. You can even make one for yourself! Maybe with some gold and pink ribbon cut into thin pieces! 

9. An Easy Way To Add Some Flower Power

DIY Floral Bike Basket by the Merrythought

While we've all seen tutorials on how to add a basket to your vintage looking bike, we haven't seen anything on how to make that basket even better! Adding flowers using hot glue is such a simple and great way to add that extra touch to your vintage bike basket.

10. This Great Tutorial On How To Wrap Your Handle Bars

DIY Handle Bar Wrapping by Jim Langley

Is your bike in need of repair or are just tired of your plain old bike handles? Try this tutorial on how to wrap your own bike handles and really improve the whole look of your bike!

11. And This Cute Traveling Garden

Bike Planters by Wearable Planter

This last project isn't exactly a DIY, but it can be! This Etsy seller uses 3D printing to create these perfect little nylon planters that can be placed on your bike. However, if you happen to have your own 3D printer, this is the perfect little project.