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Storage Hacks For Small Spaces

Posted by Kayleigh

Storage Hacks For Small Spaces

If you're like me, you often run into the issue of having too much stuff and absolutely nowhere to put it. As the items pile up, you end up having to shove everything under your bed, or stuff it in your cabinets. Eventually, you run out of places to hide things and your home starts to look like a cluttered mess. That's why we have found these 10+ hacks for improving your home and saving you some space for activities and stuff.

1. Floating Corner Shelves

Floating Corner Shelves by 4Men1Lady

We all have that one awkward corner nook in our home, whether it's in a bedroom or your living room. So why not put it to use! In this DIY tutorial, this crafter constructs custom shelving and teaches you how to mount it to your wall to give yourself some extra shelving space and open up an awkward corner space. If you don't feel comfortable constructing your own shelving, try these floating corner shelves from Amazon. 

2. High Shelving

High Shelves by Apartment Apothecary

Here is a great storage solution, especially if you have high ceilings. Take a book shelf, flip it lengthwise and mount it high on the wall for extra storage space beneath. This method keeps your book shelf from taking up too much floor space and allows your room to feel more open. Don't hang it too high or you might need a ladder to reach your books!

3. Over Sink Dish Dryer

Over The Sink Roll Up Drying Rack from Bed Bath & Beyond

This is a perfect solution if you aren't a fan of the counter-top dish drying rack! This roll up dish drying rack not only allows you to have the water from your dishes drip straight into the sink after a wash, it also gives you extra counter space in the kitchen and can be easily stored for later use. 

4.Cabinet Storage Hack


Cabinet Storage by iheart organizing

Most of us typically just stack our cups on top of each other and shove them in the cupboards. However, this can lead to some pretty dangerous messes, especially if you're like me, and the majority of your cups are glass. This DIY project solves that issue perfectly and stylishly! Just add some hooks and a metal stand and you can fit more into your cupboards without it looking like a cluttered mess.

5. Shoe Peg Storage

Shoe Peg Organization by Sawdust Girl

Have too many shoes and nowhere to store them? Not a problem anymore! This creative way to store your shoes makes them easily accessible without looking like a mess. This idea would also be a perfect way to store your hats if you have just too many hats and nowhere to store them!

6. Chain Hanger Storage

Chain Hanger Hack by Brit + Co 

If your closet is tight on storage space, try this chain hanger hack. Grab your favorite color spray paint and a mounting hook and you've got yourself the perfect hanger storage solution!

7. Multipurpose Shelving

Hop Wooden Coat Rack from CrowdyHouse

This multipurpose "Hop Wooden Coat Rack" is the perfect way to balance shelving and storage space. Display your favorite accent pieces while also storing your coats and bags with this coat rack. 

8. Cafe Corner Table

Cafe Corner by Offbeat + Inspired

This is a perfect hack for anyone without the space for a full sized dining table. Find a nice spot in front of your favorite window and mount a plank there for a cute cafe corner table with your own window view. 

9. Floating Nightstand

DIY Floating Nightstand by The Merrythought

This DIY project is a great way to free up some space next to your bed and make the room look more open. You could even install multiple floating shelves for extra storage space! I would love to have three floating shelves next to my bed! 

10. Folding Mirror Desk

Mirror Folding Table by Handimania

Beautiful mirror by day and functional desk by night. This DIY project is a simple way to save a lot of extra space by allowing your desk to fold back onto the wall into a clever display. If you don't feel like constructing your own desk by hand you could always just buy this fold out convertible desk from Hayneedle for only $140. 

11. Corner Desk and Shelves

DIY Floating Corner Shelves by Shanty2Chic

If you don't have a lot of space in your room to have both shelving and a desk, use floating shelves in the corners of your room and have them floating over a corner desk like this one from Wayfair for only $102.

12. Ceiling Shelves

Dress Ceiling Shelf from The Spruce

This is the perfect solution for anyone who has run out of closet space or doesn't have a closet. Hand a shelf high up near the ceiling and store your extra clothes there. The best part about this hack is that the clothing rack doubles as a shelf that you can place hats or shoes on!

13. Over the door storage

Over The Door Bathroom Storage by The2Seasons

This is such a great hack because it utilizes a space not many people think of. Although this DIY project is for the bathroom, this over the door storage idea can be used for any doorway in any room. Construct your own shelf or purchase one online and mount it over the door for extra storage space.