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Top Five Easy-To-Do Summer DIY Projects For Your Home!

Posted by Sandy

Top Five Easy-To-Do Summer DIY Projects For Your Home!

Do you find yourself bored and lounging around this summer with nothing to do? Already binge watched your favorite TV series and ate 3 pints of ice cream? Why not start your own DIY project? Not only are they fun and easy, but they’re great for decorating your home as well! Here’s a list of our favorite things to do this summer:


Feel like your home or apartment is a little empty? A easy way to bring some personality into your home is to hang up some art! However, art prints aren’t always cheap, and creating your own paintings and hanging them up is a great way to decorate your home without putting a dent in your budget. Not only that, but painting allows you to relax and let your creative side out! Painting holds therapeutic effects that are similar to meditation, and can reduce muscle soreness, joint pain, and headaches. since focusing on only the image allows for your mind to de-stress and release tension in your body.

Making Your Own Candle

Source: Lovely Greens -

Candles are the perfect DIY gift to send to your loved ones! Of course you can gift store bought ones, but giving them a homemade candle with their favorite scent is sure to put a smile on their face. Candles are also a great way to set the atmosphere in a room. Walking into a room that smells of old carpet versus walking into a room with a lit candle that smells of freshly baked cookies is a completely different experience. Making your own candles adds a personalized touch in any room, and they can turn out to be much more visually appealing than store-bought ones. They’re also sure to wow your guests with how creative they are.

For example, check out these DIY Seashell Candles that will add a coastal feel to any home, or the Ombre Candles in the picture above. And if there’s a lot of pesky insects around, here’s a recipe for an Insect-Repelling Floating Candle Jar.

Customize Your Coasters, or Make Your Own!


What better way to embrace the spirit of summer than with some tropical fruit themed coasters? If you have a couple of coasters lying around and a free Sunday afternoon, this is a fun project to either do by yourself or with friends and family. Get the directions here.

Give Your Glassware a Sea Glass Effect


If you’ve gotten bored of your mason jars looking plain, or have a couple of pieces of glassware that feel dull to the eye, try giving them a makeover! Since summer is here, repaint them with a sea glass effect to give your home a beach vibe. The sea glass effect is actually quite simple to achieve: Just add Elmer’s Glue to a couple drops of food coloring, paint it on anything glass, and voila! You can now use it as a vase, or insert a tealight or candle to use as a nightlight.

Make a Wreath!

Source: The Navage Patch

Few things scream summer like this DIY Summer Faux Lemon Wreath- the lemons are such a bright, sunny yellow that they’re sure to cheer anyone up, regardless of how sunny it actually is outside! It’s also made with lemon essential oil, which not only smells nice and refreshing, but has a multitude of benefits, such as relieving nausea and reducing nasal congestion. Click Here for the steps and ingredients :)