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Pet-Friendly Decorating: Materials

Posted by Kayleigh

Pet-Friendly Decorating: Materials

When purchasing new furniture, it’s easy to forget how much our little fur balls shed or how destructive they can be. That’s why it’s important to keep these materials in mind when looking for a new piece to accent your home.


When it comes to Pet-friendly material, Synthetic Microfiber and other tight woven Polyesters are the best fabrics to have. Synthetic fibers are durable and are built to last. Unlike other materials, they do not easily tear or damage. Because microfiber is tightly woven, it is harder for stray animal hair to embed itself into the material, making hair removal a quick and simple task. This tightly woven material also helps prevent your pet’s claws from getting stuck and tearing the furniture. And no need to worry about pet stains because cleaning this material is as easy as using simple blot removal techniques. Most furniture companies also provide helpful guidelines for how to clean their synthetic furniture, so make sure to check that out before accidentally using a harsh soap or cleaning agent.


Sherpa is one of the most popular materials for pet beds and blankets. Although it is more difficult to remove pet hair, pets love how soft and cozy this material can be. This material is perfect for pet owners because it is durable and both you and your pet will love the touch and feel of it.


Leather is also a perfect material for pet owners because pet fur does not stick to it. This type of material Is highly recommended for those who have pets that shed a lot. Clean up is as easy as wiping it away. However, this material is not as durable as Microfiber and does easily show wear and tear. So, if you have pets with long nails it is recommended to keep them away from this type of material.

Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor fabric is a great material for pet owners because it repels moisture and odor. Some outdoor fabric is even treated to fight off bacteria, making it safe for you and your pet. To use this indoor, you can simply bring your outdoor furniture inside or use a slipcover.