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One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted
Offset every shipment
Through planting trees that will reduce CO2 emissions associated with your shipment over their lifetime.
Where we plant

In partnership with our carriers, we work with One Tree Planted to support reforestation efforts in California, where over 4 million acres of forest were lost during the 2017 and 2020 wildfires.

Why trees?

Trees are nature's superheroes. They clean the air and water from pollutants like CO2, prevent disasters caused by erosion, and are homes to countless species. They really are that important!

Over 400 trees planted

and counting!

What is carbon offsetting?

“Offsetting emissions" means balancing released CO2 emissions after they've been released with a CO2 absorption method. We offset CO2 by using the GHG Protocol to calculate our emissions and then balance that impact by planting trees, which will absorb the CO2 associated with shipping over their lifetime.