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About Us


Established in 1991, our mission at Jennifer Taylor Home has always been to provide the finest designer furniture at affordable prices. Started from humble beginnings in a single office in Southern California, we’ve built our business around our dedication to the craft: from footstools to panel beds, our focus has always been to make your house a home with comfortable, luxurious furnishings. Today, our business has expanded worldwide, and we are proud to be a globally recognized brand with business holdings in Japan, Western Asia, and Australia. We’re still humble at heart, however, and despite our horizons expanding, our vision has never strayed from our motto: “For Your Home, For Your Life.”


Our dedicated team of interior design professionals work to make each piece of furniture its own unique creation. Our products begin on paper as we put our talents to the test sketching, measuring, and prototyping projects until we find that perfect balance of stylish design and supportive comfort. We base our designs around the idea that the best furniture appeals to both style and comfort, as aesthetically striking as they are conveniently comfortable. With one eye on the season’s latest color and style trends, and the other on durable and accommodating construction, our design team works on the cutting edge to bring the latest and greatest in home décor.


Every piece of Jennifer Taylor furniture is the result of a master furniture craftsman at work: we forgo mass manufacturing by machine for traditional bench-making production, where our artisanal furniture makers can exercise their talent to make each and every piece a masterwork. From measuring and sawing solid birchwood for bed frames to stuffing and sewing tufted cushions for sofas, our products are all handmade for the highest quality. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, and you can be sure that no matter your purchase, Jennifer Taylor furniture brings a superior level of construction and dependability.


Sophisticated. Casual. Bold. Timeless. The Jennifer Taylor look is fundamentally based on our unique design philosophy, where touches of simplicity and intricacy are blended into a profile that’s at once classic and brand new. Whether you’re reclining on the velvet luxury of a nailhead-studded mid-century modern tight back accent sofa with your feet propped up on tasseled jacquard footstool, or wrapped up warmly in a 10-piece comforter set hand-woven with elaborate floral accents and ruffles while relaxing in your channel-tufted platform king bed with wingback headboard, your Jennifer Taylor furniture always dresses to impress.


The finest furniture is built from the finest materials, and our combination of plush textiles, firm hardwoods and dense cushioning put our furniture into a class of its own. From the smallest nailhead to the largest headboard, we vet and inspect every piece of our products to ensure that its materials are defect-free and come together in the most luxuriant style. Whether it’s the lush blended-polyester velvet upholstery on your entryway bench, the kiln-dried birchwood carved into your 4-seater sectional sofa, or the medium-firm multi-layer foam core support of your cushioned armchair, we only use the highest quality materials in our furniture design.


It’s no surprise that with this superior production and sophisticated style that our business has been on the rise. As one of the premier online furniture retailers, we’re expanding our line to provide that same JT Look to every area of your home. And for the ultra-modern, commercial-grade quality, our newest brand JTH Luxe truly provides handmade quality like no other. Our unwavering commitment to stylish luxury is the reason that Jennifer Taylor has been, and will continue to be, a renowned brand in the home furnishing industry.